Sustainable Fisheries Partnership

Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP) is a U.S.-based nonprofit with initiatives to combat overfishing, environmental destruction, and social issues associated with fishing and aquaculture. SFP is dedicated to protecting seafood supplies and the livelihoods of the people who supply it by working with businesses to identify the challenges in seafood sourcing and to mobilize positive change through practical improvements. Beaver Street Fisheries collaborates with SFP on several projects to help develop and implement fishery improvement projects, and fully supports their Target 75 initiative.

World Wildlife Fund

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) works with farms, fisheries, governments, industry and others to reduce the impacts of fishing and aquaculture on the environment. WWF uses a five step process called a Fishery Improvement Plan (FIP) to identify the issues within a fishery, to implement improvements and to report on results.

Seafood Task Force

The Goal of the Seafood Task Force (STF) is to collectively use purchasing influence to engage with the government of Thailand to drive change through the Department of Fisheries by implementing track and trace systems with international verification from feed mill to vessel, by driving Thai Port Codes of Conduct with international recognition and by the implementation of Fishery Improvement Projects in the Gulf of Thailand /Andaman Sea. This is all done in an effort to secure labor rights in the seafood supply chain and to significantly reduce the level of illegal fishing (IUU) in the seas around Thailand.

Project Issara

Issara's Strategic Partners Program engages global brands and retailers in a collaborative approach to address risks of trafficking and forced labor, with measurable results. Through our partnership with the Issara Institute we aim to make an impact on two key areas; the empowerment of workers and the strengthening of global supply chains. First, empowering workers with relevant, up-to date information to inform their choices, enabling migrants to actively avoid trafficking risks. Next, by strengthening supply chains of labor recruitment and management systems in the partner supply chains and behavior changes of employers, government, global brands and retailers.


FishChoice partners with the leading global organizations that rate and certify seafood based on its environmental sustainability. FishChoice matches our product sources with that information and updates us when that information changes so we can make sure our staff and customers have the most current information readily available. The platform is becoming the most in-depth resource for seafood company and product information available online with sustainability data covering an estimated 700 species and over 4,000 sources of wild and farmed seafood.


The Stronger America Through Seafood initiative is lead by industry members of various backgrounds with a common goal. With corporate support, the goal is to form a predictable, affordable and efficient permitting structure for the expansion of U.S. seafood production, to include aquaculture, through Executive Action and comprehensive federal legislation. Working together to secure a stronger America through increased U.S. production of healthful, sustainable, and affordable seafood.

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